Spotlight -Orion Pax

Spotlight -Orion Pax

BEFORE OPTIMUS PRIME—there was Orion Pax! Four million years ago, the future leader of the AUTOBOTS disappeared into the Cybertronian wilderness to save a friend. What happened next would take him to the very brink—and have startling repercussions on the current comics!

Spotlight -Orion Pax Covers and Images

Spotlight -Orion Pax Release Info

Data related to the release of this issue.
Publisher IDW
Type Comic Book
Series Transformers Spotlight Comics
Release Status Released
Year 2012
Release Date December 2012

Spotlight -Orion Pax Print Data

Info on the print run and covers for this issue.
Incentive Description Spotlight: Orion Pax features one incentive cover. One copy of the incentive cover was provided for every ten copies ordered through Diamond Comic Distributors.
Total # of Covers 3

Spotlight -Orion Pax Artists, Writers and More

People that worked on this comic.
Cover A (Artist: Steve Kurth) (Colorist: J. Arburtov)
Cover B (Artist: Livio Ramondelli)
Cover RI (Retailer Incentive) (Artist: Clayton Crain)
Artist Juan Castro, Steve Kurth
Colorist Graphikslava, J. Aburtov
Letters Shawn Lee
Writer James Roberts
Editor John Barber, Thomas Boeing

Spotlight -Orion Pax Additional Info

Contributors: Tim Formas
Views: 1994