Spotlight – Trailcutter

Spotlight – Trailcutter

STEALTH ATTACK! Trailcutter has a problem: the Lost Light has been taken over by the Decepticons-and no one else seems to have noticed! Can the Autobots’ defense strategist singlehandedly see off an army of infiltrators? And even if he does, will it convince his crew mates that he’s got more to offer than kind words and forcefields?

Spotlight – Trailcutter Covers and Images

Spotlight – Trailcutter Release Info

Data related to the release of this issue.
Publisher IDW
Type Comic Book
Series Transformers Spotlight Comics
Release Status Released
Year 2013
Release Date April 2013

Spotlight – Trailcutter Print Data

Info on the print run and covers for this issue.
Has Exclusive? Yes
Exclusive Description Cover RE was an exclusive only available through Dynamic Forces.
Incentive Description Spotlight: Trailbreaker features one incentive cover. One copy of the incentive cover was provided for every ten copies ordered through Diamond Comic Distributors.
Total # of Covers 4

Spotlight – Trailcutter Artists, Writers and More

People that worked on this comic.
Cover A (Artist: Matt Frank) (Colorist: Josh Perez)
Cover B (Artist: Livio Ramondelli)
Cover RI (Retailer Incentive) (Artist: Clayton Crain)
Cover RE (Dynamic Force Exclusive Cover) (Artist: Clayton Crain)
Artist Matt Frank
Colorist Thomas Deer
Letters Shawn Lee
Writer James Roberts
Editor John Barber, Thomas Boeing

Spotlight – Trailcutter Additional Info

Contributors: Tim Formas
Views: 1843