Transformers Regeneration One #96

Transformers Regeneration One #96

ZERO INITIATIVE! As RODIMUS PRIME urgently struggles to comprehend the what, why, and wherefore of SPIKE WITWICKY, GALVATRON, JHIAXUS, and a DARK MATRIX creature, and specifically how they contribute to the final dissolution of time, space and everything in between! Unless NIGHTBEAT and BUMBLEBEE can shake loose some answers, the future—is cancelled.

Transformers Regeneration One #96 Covers and Images

Transformers Regeneration One #96 Release Info

Data related to the release of this issue.
Publisher IDW
Type Comic Book
Series Transformers Regeneration One
Release Status Released
Year 2013
Release Date November 2013

Transformers Regeneration One #96 Print Data

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Incentive Description Regeneration One #96 features one incentive cover. One copy of the incentive cover was provided for every ten copies ordered through Diamond Comic Distributors. Comic Book stores were also able to order subscription covers, with the intention that these covers would only be provided to customers who place the issue on their "pull" lists.
Total # of Covers 4

Transformers Regeneration One #96 Artists, Writers and More

People that worked on this comic.
Cover A (Artist: Andrew Wildman) (Colorist: Jason Cardy)
Cover B (Artist: Guido Guidi)
Cover Sub (Subscription Cover)
Cover RI (Retailer Incentive) (Artist: Geoff Senior)
Artist Guido Guidi, Stephen Baskerville
Colorist John-Paul Bove
Letters Chris Mowry
Writer Simon Furman
Editor John Barber

Transformers Regeneration One #96 Additional Info

Contributors: Tim Formas
Views: 3028